Shopping Spaces

Bamus Holdings offers a variety of office spaces housing some of the top shops, restuarants, clinics around kampala. shopping space is available at Ntinda Complex ranging from USD20/sqm.


Ntinda Complex is a striking structure located in Kampala’s steadily growing town - and is one of Ntinda’s biggest shopping centres recognised as an iconic attraction within the town with beautiful shops, supermarkets, saloons, traditional cafes and elegant restaurants


The complex is strategically located along the road next to Ntinda trading centre and opposite St. Luke’s Anglican Church and with the increasing number of offices within the building and surrounding, you get an assured market potential for your products.


Open seven days a week, visitors can enjoy more than 30 independent shops. There is enough packing space for your car with assured security to let you conduct your shopping freely making it a place for local shopping with friendly faces. 


You'll find everything you need in one place.

It's our favourite place. We hope it will be yours.

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